Webcast: The New Learning Workers and How to Lead Them

Speaker: Mark Salisbury

There’s a lot of talk about the future of work. This Webinar will show you two things you ought to know. 1. It’s already here 2. It’s not what you think it is In this session, Mark introduces a new kind of knowledge worker, a learning worker, who is emerging in the workplace. These new learning workers: -Employ collaborative leadership -Leverage cognitive computing -Create and apply a learning strategy for everything they do Most notably, these new learning workers apply methods from the learning sciences and technology to “turbo charge” their cognitive abilities, and hence, their productivity and innovation. However, they are different besides having more brain power. They also have more courage and larger hearts than their predecessors. As a session participant, you will learn who these new learning workers are, what tools they use, why you should become one, and how you can lead them.