Can you provide additional details about the different ways we can participate?

Yes! There are three ways you can participate in ATD21:

  • In Person at ATD21 HQ: Join us in person for a face-to-face event. This physically distanced, limited capacity event will deliver access to 250+ live sessions, an active EXPO floor, and networking opportunities. When you join us, you will also get access to the ATD21 @Home virtual conference.
  • In Person for Regional Events: Join smaller groups on a local or regional basis. Regional events will include programming from ATD21 HQ as well as local programming and networking opportunities. Regional events are a great participation option for anyone hesitant about large-scale events or unable to travel who still wants to convene face to face.  Participation in a regional event will include access to the ATD21 @Home virtual conference. More details about locations will be available in Spring 2021.
  • Virtual Conference (ATD21 @Home): Join a global audience for live-stream sessions from Salt Lake City, virtual-only content, exclusive speaker Q&A’s and more. ATD21 @Home is ideal for anyone with limited funding, inability to travel or who is hesitant about in-person events.

Is meeting in Salt Lake City safe?

We understand you might have concerns and encourage you to do what’s best for you. Here’s what you can expect if you choose to join us in-person:

  • The Salt Palace Convention Center is a GBAC Star Facility reflecting their high standards of outbreak prevention, response and recovery.
  • The Salt Palace Convention Center maintains a proprietary operations and environmental hygiene protocol called VENUESHIELD that provides the highest levels of cleaning and safety.
  • All spaces will be set based on physical distancing guidance from local, state and federal health agencies (currently a minimum of 6 feet physical distancing).
  • Session and total attendance will be capped based on the physically distanced floorplans and capacities.
  • Sessions will require advance sign-up to secure your seat and attendance will be verified at the door.
  • Session rooms will be cleaned during designated session breaks. 
  • Staff will wear face coverings and maintain appropriate physical distance.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the facility.
  • Medical services will be available onsite.
  • Responsible food and beverage service.

Most of all, we want you to engage fully in the event! Even in unique times, learning never stops. Whether we’re connecting with each other online or in person, development is the heart of our work. When you’re ready to see us in person, we’re ready and equipped to welcome you. Otherwise, we encourage you to join us for ATD21 @Home.

Can you tell me more about session reservations?

To provide for the smoothest possible transitions and minimize crowding in hallways, we will be implementing session reservations for the ATD21 program. Using the conference platform, every attendee will need to pre-select their sessions and reserve a seat in the room for all concurrent and general sessions. Capacities will be based on the number of available seats given our physically distanced floor plans. We will be checking attendance at the door to ensure those who have a reservation are admitted. For more information on the session reservation process, click here.

What time will session registration open on July 26 (or July 12 for VIP pass holders)?

Our goal is to open VIP session registration at 12pm ET on July 12 and at 12pm ET on July 26 for everyone else. You will receive an email with your log-in credentials from “ATD Events Team” ( We’d encourage you to whitelist this email address to minimize any potential delay. That said, it may take a couple of hours for the system to send all of the emails. If you have not received credentials by 3pm ET, please reach out to for assistance.

Are there reduced rates for hotel rooms in Salt Lake City?

ATD has negotiated reduced rates and special benefits for ATD21 attendees with many Salt Lake City hotel properties. Rooms will range in price from as low as $99 per night to $269 per night depending on room type. The majority of the room rates are $149-189 per night plus local taxes and fees.

Attendee housing reservations are now open. Our preferred rates are available through August 6, 2021; however, we anticipate selling out and encourage you to book early. You may change or cancel your reservation without penalty up to three days prior to arrival.

When will housing or hotel reservations open?

Attendee housing reservations are now open and can be reserved here. Our preferred rates are available through August 6, 2021; however, we anticipate selling out and encourage you to book early. You may change or cancel your reservation without penalty up to three days prior to arrival.

I was contacted by a company about booking a hotel room. Is this legitimate?

ATD uses MCI Housing for our hotel reservations. MCI Housing does not cold call, so if you receive a phone call, we guarantee it is not an authorized vendor acting on behalf of the conference. The link to book hotel rooms through MCI Housing will be posted on in Spring 2021.

What airport should I fly into?

The Salt Lake City International Airport is located 7 miles from the convention district. It is served by all major US airlines and serves as Delta’s western hub.

What’s the best way to get from the airport to the hotels or convention center?

Check out SLC transportation options from the airport to the city. You can get to the convention district for as little as $2.50 on the light rail system while a taxi can run $25.

What dining options are available near the Convention Center?

There are a number of excellent restaurants near the Convention Center. Two great destinations are City Creek Mall and The Gateway which are both within two blocks of the Center. Combined they offer more than 40 dining options.

Some of the local favorites include:

  • Volters
  • Café Molisse
  • Takashi
  • Red Rock
  • Market Street Grill
  • Whiskey Street
  • Setabellow
  • Chile-Tepin
  • Ramen Bar
  • HSL
  • Provisions
  • Tiburon 

Why are there VIP add-ons? 

ATD21 will deliver a really great experience for you. However, we recognize there are some aspects of events that are less convenient than others. So, similar to your AMC Stubbs card or the FastPass line at Disney World, our VIP add-ons are designed to enhance your experience and provide some additional comfort and convenience for you.

  • ATD21 HQ: with many new protocols, limited seating capacities, and more, we wanted to provide individuals with the option to lock-in some certainty – like guaranteeing your seat in the general session room, first selection on sessions, and priority lines at concessions and shuttles.
  • ATD21 @Home: this virtual conference add-on includes an ATD at Home box set filled with exciting giveaways, exclusive access to the Networking Night live broadcast, invitations to exclusive speaker Q&A sessions, and more.

I will need a negative COVID-19 PCR test before I can return home. Will I be able to get one in Salt Lake City?

Yes, PCR tests are available from several different providers in Salt Lake City. As of May 2021, the closest locations are as follows. Please utilize the links to secure a reservation ahead of your trip.

The most current list of testing sites can be found here.

What’s the cancellation policy? Can I switch from one attendance option to another?

To review the ATD21 cancellation policy and for attendance changes, click here

ATD21 Regional

What is different about a regional event from the HQ experience?

Regional events are organized by groups such as ATD chapters, international partners, and others. While each event is approved by ATD and will include individual access to ATD21 @Home, each regional event will have its own agenda and in-person components. The regional events will be different durations. You will miss out on the ATD21HQ EXPO experience, full session program, and conference networking. However, you will still get access to ATD21 @Home. Registration will be handled directly by the organizer and not through ATD.

What is included in the regional event experience?

Each regional organizer will design their own program of events. They will livestream programming from ATD21 HQ (such as our keynote speakers) and add their own live programming. Each regional event will also include networking opportunities to meet your local colleagues. Your regional event registration will include access to ATD21 @Home so you can participate directly with the global audience. 

When will regional event locations be announced?

We will have more details about regional events at a later date and hope to have the full slate of events announced by June 2021. You can find the most current details on the ATD21 Regional page

How do I register for a regional event?

Registration will be handled directly by the organizers. Please check the information page for a list of event locations and dates along with registration details (expected in Spring 2021). The regional organizers will provide your information to ATD, and ATD will issue log-in information for the ATD21 @Home program in mid-August 2021. 

What if I decide to register for a regional event after I’ve already registered for ATD21 HQ or ATD21 @Home?

We know there is limited information about the regional events at this time, so we encourage you to wait to register until after we have announced the ATD21 Regional locations so you may make a more informed decision. Since each regional host will handle their own event registration, ATD is unable to transfer your registration to those programs. If you choose to proceed with registering for ATD21 HQ or ATD21 @Home and later opt into a regional program, you may cancel your ATD registration subject to the cancellation policy.

ATD21 @Home

What programming will be included in the ATD21 @Home program? 

ATD21 @Home will include livestream broadcast of the keynote sessions along with 45+ high-profile industry luminary sessions. You can view the line-up of 50+ hours of amazing content here. Each session will also be captured and posted for on-demand viewing in case you are unable to watch it live (sessions will typically be posted within two hours of the live broadcast).

What is the schedule for the ATD21 @Home Program?

For details on the program, check out our ATD21 @ Home line-up. Note that all times are listed in Mountain Time (UTC -7). 

I see sessions listed overnight at 2am MT, that can’t be right?

The sessions listed at “odd” times are part of our ATD21@Home programming and are scheduled for audiences in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia to enjoy in more convenient times. They may look odd for those in Salt Lake, but for our colleagues in the Middle East, they’ll be enjoying the session mid-day.

What are the technical requirements?

We will be utilizing a third-party platform for the conference and will share specific details as soon as possible. We strive to ensure compatibility for as many people as possible across desktop and mobile devices. Many of the platforms utilize Zoom or similar technology for the face-to-face components such as networking or workshops.

Are there options for those with auditory disabilities?

Yes, ATD strives to be as inclusive as possible. Reach out to Customer Care to let them know about your needs, and a member of the team will be in touch closer to the event to help with captioning.

Can I network during ATD21 @Home?

Yes, one of the best parts about attending an ATD conference has always been the lasting relationships you build with the people with whom you meet and learn from. Once you’ve logged in, we recommend that you set-up your profile including adding your photo, bio, Twitter and LinkedIn handles, and tags. Customizing your profile will make it easier for people with similar roles and interests to connect with you.

We’ve put together a great mix of formal and informal networking opportunities for you:

  • You can search for other attendees under the People tab (i.e. Attendee Directory). You can scroll through the list or you can select the search option from the upper right corner to filter the list by name, company, or profile attributes such as role, jobs to be done, or areas that you’re looking for help or are in expert in!
  • Join the Discussion! We’ll set-up a few discussions to get you started! Join one of ours or create your own by visiting the Discussion page. You can add photos or share resources (via hyperlink) with other attendees.
  • Share your experiences and insights during sessions where you can talk with fellow attendees via Chat.

What’s included in the VIP add-on? 

This virtual conference add-on includes an ATD21 @Home box set filled with exciting giveaways, exclusive access to the Networking Night live broadcast, invitations to exclusive speaker Q&A sessions, and more.

What’s in the ATD21 @Home box in the VIP package?

The box will include a number of exciting giveaways to enhance your conference experience. Please note that we will only be able to ship to U.S. domestic attendees and a limited number of boxes will be available.

As a Virtual VIP, when will I receive my “ATD from Home Kit”?

Kits will be shipped in mid-August, approximately two weeks before the event and may take 7-10 business days to arrive. Keep an eye out for an email from our team in late July or early August to confirm your mailing address.

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