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If Purchased Separately = $2,703*
Professional Membership + ATD 2020 Registration (Advanced Nonmember rate) + Report

Price With Bundle = $1,954*
Professional Membership + ATD 2020 Registration (Advanced Member rate) +
Report (Free)

Savings = $749

*Prices reflect domestic membership rate and regular advanced conference rate. Advanced rate savings are available if the bundle is purchased before May 12, 2020!

Save Over $200 on Your Registration When you Add a Year of Professional Development Support
Empower yourself and the work you do with ATD membership. When you join as a Professional member and register for ATD 2020 at the same time you'll also get a FREE copy of the research report Change Enablement: Skills for Addressing Change (valued at $499)! Plus, members have exclusive access to the ATD Member Lounge at the conference.
What Does Membership Offer? Here Are the Highlights.
Professional Development Opportunities
Members have access to at least one free e-book such as StoryTraining, Peak Leadership Fitness, or Interact and Engage! to get new ideas or to reshape your thinking. Download whitepapers including Needs Assessments and Lifelong Learning to get research to inform your decisions. Access job aids and claim a free TD at Work such as “Meeting Tomorrow’s Skills Demands Today”, "Fuel Business Strategies with L&D Analytics", or "Microlearning to Boost the Employee Experience" for tactical support on everyday challenges.
Resources to Stay Up to Date
Get 12 issues of TD, ATD's award-winning monthly magazine that covers industry best practices, emerging technologies, and trends; plus, access hundreds of articles in the archive. You'll also get the weekly Buzz newsletter, which highlights industry news and trends, and the biweekly Links newsletter, which spotlights best practices and insights by members, for members. Both newsletters are member-only publications.
Networking Opportunities
Connect with peers online and in person. Members can start online discussions to ask questions and get answers directly from the talent development community. Members also receive exclusive discounts on all training opportunities and events for learning and networking.
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