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Engage, Pull, Transform: Drive Change With Creative Learning

May 20, 2024

While the L&D field professes to value the input of participant engagement and “pulling information” from our experienced participants, doing it is another story. In the middle of a program, these interactive discussions can feel overwhelming for the facilitator, because they are quite different from typical training involving a lecturer and slide deck. Join this session to learn both skills and the art of creating environments where you can pull content from participants rather than pushing it out to them. The skills involve steering conversations with probing questions to meet the objectives, validating responses, and ensuring that learning happens in a way that results in changed behaviors and culture. You’ll leave this session with durable learning techniques you can use to maximize engagement and create a dynamic learning environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Create a priming effect using durable learning activities to maximize participant engagement.
  • Transform the classroom with critical thinking discussions for profound cultural change.


Brandon Dickey Brandon Dickey, Corporate Trainer, Rosendin
Jeff Daigle Jeff Daigle, Corporate Training Manager, Rosendin


Brandon Dickey is a corporate training professional at Rosendin with 24 years of experience in the construction industry. His career trajectory has led him from a subject matter expert (SME) to a role as a corporate trainer and an instructional designer. From playing drums and percussion for 27 years to working with audio and video editing, Brandon loves getting creative in all aspects of his life!

Jeff Daigle is a corporate training manager with more than 29 years of experience in the electrical industry. A New Orleans native, Jeff completed his apprenticeship before leaving home and joining Rosendin in sunny San Jose, California. After leading successful training projects and training initiatives, Jeff accepted a manager role to coach and guide other L&D professionals. Jeff brings his family-oriented mindset to work, where colleagues are his extended family. He goes out of his way to remember the names and faces of everyone he meets.

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