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From Focus Skill to Development Plan in 10 minutes with Bridge

May 22, 2024

Your people want to gain new skills to grow their careers, and your organization needs to identify skill gaps to stay competitive—but how do you identify those skills at scale and continue to create a connected people culture? Join us as we showcase Bridge’s newest skills and development features integrated right into the LMS platform. See how to easily identify needed skills, create focused development plans, and deploy skill-based learning at scale through peer-to-peer connections and AI tools, working seamlessly together.


Mark Probert Mark Probert, VP of Revenue, Bridge
Peter Brussard Peter Brussard, President, Bridge

Mark has been a strategic leader in various learning technology organizations for over a decade. Mark brings his expertise from leading and developing teams at Instructure and Lumesse/Saba and LTG. Mark works with 100’s of organizations to help them implement their people-first L&D strategies by introducing talent and learning strategies that support connection, alignment, and growth plans in the face of hybrid and agile work.

Peter Brussard is a software executive and people leader with a demonstrable track record of more than 20 years of experience building software, leading teams, and scaling revenue. He is currently the president and managing director of Bridge. His prior experience includes SVP technology and product management at Instructure, SVP product and engineering at Rosetta Stone, and leadership roles at Microsoft and a variety of startups.

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