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Learning Done Differently: Engage and Upskill Your Workforce with HSI Blue Ocean Brain

May 22, 2024

The need for relevant and continuous upskilling is more significant than ever in the age of AI, fierce competition for top talent, and evolving regulations. Yet companies still face enormous challenges when it comes to providing tailored learning at scale that engages and motivates their people to keep learning at the forefront. Discover a refreshing approach to ongoing skills-building that transforms professional development from a chore into an inspiring journey—for you and your people. Join us for a live demonstration of HSI Blue Ocean Brain to experience firsthand how our innovative microlearning empowers companies to elevate their workforce's skills to foster an agile culture of collaboration, innovation, and teamwork.


Erin Powell Erin Powell, VP, Sales, HSI Blue Ocean Brain
Hannah Yanoski Hannah Yanoski, Account Executive, HSI Blue Ocean Brain

Erin Powell is a steadfast professional dedicated to fostering learning and development initiatives. With a proven track record of driving revenue growth and forging strong customer relationships, Erin is passionate about leveraging innovative learning and development solutions to drive organizational success. With extensive experience in sales strategy development, team management, and customer engagement, Erin is dedicated to helping organizations unlock their full potential through transformative learning experiences. With a customer-centric approach and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, Erin plays a pivotal role in driving HSI Blue Ocean Brain's growth and impact in the market.

Hannah Yanoski is a dynamic account executive at HSI Blue Ocean Brain, dedicated to enhancing culture change through our innovative microlessons. In her role, she partners with businesses of all sizes to implement learning solutions that drive significant improvement and achieve goals. Hannah's business administration and finance background gives her a deep understanding of workplace dynamics, which she skillfully leverages to address customer needs and create organizational growth.

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