May 17, 2022

A Portfolio Is Your New Resume

The job market for learning professionals is rapidly shifting. Nowadays, more and more companies are hiring for tangible skills and talent. This means they care more about what you can offer them right now, regardless of the length of your employment history or your education credentials. As a result, to be competitive and land your next gig or client, it’s more important than ever that you can showcase your work, skills, and talent. To put it simply, a resume alone isn’t enough to get hired—you need a portfolio!

In this session, you’ll explore why portfolios aren’t just for freelancers and why and how you should start building yours ASAP.

What you will take away from the session:

  • How to find the right tool for building your online portfolio, regardless of your skill level
  • How to use your portfolio to sell your skills and talents
  • How to overcome common challenges and best practices for curating your portfolio examples

Speaker: Tim Slade