The Conference Team Experience at ATD 2019

The ATD 2019 International Conference & Exposition is the largest, most comprehensive industry event out there, providing your team with the knowledge, strategies, and solutions they need to effectively train and develop talent at your company.

Multiply Your Success

  • Conference teams of five or more qualify for special discounts starting at $300 per registrant.
  • Conference teams have access to the conference team room located on the EXPO floor, where you can debrief after conference sessions or share what you've learned over lunch.
  • Opportunity to hold your annual meeting, where you can put your new knowledge and ideas to use.

The ATD Enterprise Solutions team can register your conference team and provide one invoice for easy payment. Contact us by completing our form or by phone at 888.813.2925. Don't delay! Hotels are filling up quickly. Secure your conference team registration today.


team lunch

Top Reasons Companies Attend With Their Teams

Recharge and Rethink
Three days in San Diego, California, is an ideal opportunity for your team to recharge and rethink business as usual. Take advantage of your time together away from the office to learn and strategize as a team. Expose your employees to the perspectives and experiences of fellow professionals from all over the world for a new perspective.

Empower Your Rising Stars
Many of the managers and executives who return year after year with their team use the conference experience to reward high performers, prepare next year’s rising stars, and educate new hires.
Prepare Your Team for the Future
The conference is the best way for your team to prepare for the future by learning from the profession’s most forward-thinking experts about what’s next, and learn about product trends from our suppliers at the EXPO.
Provide a Unique Team-Building Experience
Attending a conference is a great way for a team to meet outside of work. It’s an opportunity to connect with one another about what members have learned and what the team can do differently back at the office. It’s also a great way to bounce new ideas and perspectives off one another, share stories, and establish a camaraderie that takes much longer to develop in an office setting.
Get There Early for More Opportunities for Your Team
Preconference learning programs give your team the professional development opportunities they need to excel. Your team can choose from more than 25 certificate programs and 10 workshops to enhance their skills. We also offer team discounts for groups that attend education programs together!