Government Industry Track

Building Leaders of the Future

If you work in government, you know the challenges are more complex than ever before. And this year, in the midst of a presidential election cycle, those challenges will play out in unique ways. As a government manager, project leader, or specialist, the way you respond and adapt to change now will shape the future of your agency.

How do you cultivate knowledge, skills, and a hunger to grow in environments that struggle with engagement, change management, and cultural cohesion? Those are the questions we’re spotlighting at this year’s event. This conference offers a unique opportunity to explore how agencies can use learning, collaboration, and talent development to tackle many of government’s challenges, including creating a performance culture, collaborating with partners inside and outside government, problem solving, knowledge sharing, and influencing and managing change.

Government Workforce Conference: Developing Future Leaders
September 12 | Washington, D.C.