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Coaching for individuals, teams, and organizations works. Evidence shows that it’s a powerful development approach that leads to positive change and results. Earning your ATD Coaching Certificate improves your ability to help clients develop rapidly, produce better results, and improve others’ ability to set and achieve goals and take action. This coaching certificate program lets you practice foundational coaching competencies through role plays, group exercises, and case studies. Learning the behaviors of a successful coach amplifies your ability to help employees succeed by using their own natural strengths.

Why Should I Attend?

  • Practice core coaching competencies and hone your ability to apply them to coaching conversations.
  • Integrate and evaluate multiple sources of data and make interpretations that help clients achieve agreed-upon results.
  • Develop and maintain an effective coaching plan with clients, manage ongoing progress, hold clients accountable for actions, highlight and celebrate successes, and adjourn the coaching process.

Dates and Times:

Day 1: May 19, 2023, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Day 2: May 20, 2023, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Preconference Learning Price:

ATD Member: $1,795
Non-Member: $2,045

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Kimberly Devlin

Erica Nelson

I have built a training and coaching business over 23 years that spans a variety of industries, corporate and educational fields. My work as a Business Leader Faculty™ member with the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management's Center for Leadership applies my expertise working with mid-level to executive level professionals in professional growth, coaching, succession planning and leadership and management development.

I wrote a book for ATD's Workshop Series© on Management Development published in 2021. The book is a training guide for a two-day and three-day course complete with downloadable course slides and the activity handouts. 

Clients include education, finance, and manufacturing and technical professionals. My coaching practice provides a customized model for each client and their unique interests and development needs. I have been a certified mediator affiliated with the Center for Conflict Resolution in Chicago and provide mediation for clients as part of my coaching practice. 

Professional expertise includes curriculum development and facilitation of ViLT, Virtual instructor-Led training, in the area of internal consulting skills, communication practices and virtual teams.

My professional focus includes: mediation, conflict Management Strategies, collaborative-team modeling and implementation, coaching skills and application, communication strategy and skills, instructional design, and virtual and instructor led facilitation skills.