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5 Steps for Creating Stellar Change Agents Using Dialogic OD

May 23, 2023
Leadership and Management Development
Culture change isn’t for the faint of heart. It must be fueled by people at all levels with the passion and skills to lead and the influence to bring others with them—stellar change agents. Join this session to learn how Dialogic OD offers a new, powerful framework to form, position, and unleash people to create the culture your organization needs.
This session will be audio recorded and synced to the session slides.
Frederick Miller, CEO - The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc.
Sean Harvey, Consultant - The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group

Application on the Job 1

Leverage Dialogic OD concepts to design and support culture change that is engaging and sustainable.

Application on the Job 2

Identify and position people with passion, energy, and influence, and leverage them collectively to catalyze culture change.

Application on the Job 3

Learn about a diagnostic tool to track progress of culture change efforts.

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Internal Practitioner

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Education Session
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