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How AI Is Changing the Way We Learn and Work

May 21, 2023
Future Readiness
How are you preparing your organization for an AI-enabled future? New research shows that the work tasks of up to 80 percent of the US workforce will be affected by the introduction of generative AI. Join this session to learn about the role that AI video plays in this shift for both learning communication skills and developing learning in the workplace.
Kevin Alster, Learning Strategist - Synthesia
Elly Henriksen, Instructional Designer - Synthesia

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Application on the Job 1

Explore dynamic uses for AI-created video, including personalized, localized content for learners and video content that’s always up to date.

Application on the Job 2

Assess the potential impact of generative AI on your workforce and the importance of preparing for an AI-enabled future.

Application on the Job 3

Use a specialized video creation framework to prepare your learning and training content for rapid AI-video creation.

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All TD Professionals

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Exhibitor Solution Session
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