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AI and You: Working With It for Awesome Skills-Based Learning

May 23, 2023
Learning Technologies
Skills are the currency of the future of work, so how will your organization be skills-ready in 2023 and beyond? How can people-first strategies combined with AI tools help you get there? Join this session to see how organizations are using AI to support their L&D know-how to discover and train for the correct set of skills for the market they pursue.
Jeff Fissel, VP of Learning Solutions - Bridge / LTG
Akash Savdharia, VP of Talent Solutions - Bridge

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Application on the Job 1

Learn the difference between skill-market fit and skill-organizational fit and why both are critical to success.

Application on the Job 2

Put employees in a position to succeed by giving them the correct set of skills for your organization.

Application on the Job 3

See how the right learning platform can help identify skills needs and deploy the right learning at the right time.

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All TD Professionals

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