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Articulate Storyline 360: Top Tips to Streamline Your Development!

May 20, 2023
Learning Technologies
Are you developing e-learning with Articulate Storyline 360? Want to become an efficient, well-oiled, storyline-development machine? This session has you covered! The speaker will share 30 to 40 top tips to streamline your development within Articulate Storyline 360 and unlock a new level of productivity!
Ashley Chiasson, Manager - Learning and Development - Traliant

Application on the Job 1

Discover ways of becoming more efficient within your e-learning development using Articulate Storyline 360.

Application on the Job 2

Apply the productivity tips to your e-learning development within Articulate Storyline 360.

Application on the Job 3

Share these tips with your friends so they can become Articulate Storyline 360 ninjas as well!

Target Audience

All TD Professionals

Learning Approaches

Core Topic

Session Type


Learning Path(s)

Global Perspectives, Instructional Design Trends, Level Up Your Talent Development Toolkit, New to L&D
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