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Charting Your Career Path in L&D: From Instructional Designer to What?

May 21, 2023
Career Development
Many of us end up in L&D by accident, finding our way onto a training team because of subject matter expertise, writing or facilitation skills, technical chops, or some other creative talent that supports training content development. So now that you’re working in this space, what can you do next? Hint: The opportunities are almost endless. We’ll explore ATD’s Talent Development Capability Model™, consider the four pieces of Cammy’s “Learning Pie,” and get you thinking about where your skills shine and the direction you want to grow. We’ll consider all the places training happens—the types of organizations, departments, and projects—and get a clearer vision of what’s next as we chart a course into the future of talent development.
Cammy Bean, Senior Solutions Consultant - Kineo

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