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CTDO Next Panel: Next Capabilities of the Talent Development Profession

May 21, 2023
Future Readiness
The last three years have brought many changes to the world of work. The profession had to accelerate support for remote work and remote learning, grapple with new concerns about wellness and work-life integration, and discover new ways to collaborate. After an amazing pivot, there are many more dynamic changes to confront.
Organizations are more purpose-driven, agile, and socially conscious. They are moving toward continuous feedback, contribution-based performance management, and project-based work. They embrace gig work and notice employee interests, preferences, and goals. It is a world of dynamic skilling, micro-credentialing, and universal access to development.
The work of talent development professionals has never been more essential to organizational success, and everyone (including the CEO) knows it. Join this panel discussion to learn about new critical capabilities and perhaps even new roles that TD professionals will fill to rise to the occasion.
Kathryn Coleman, SVP, Talent Learning and Insights - 3M Human Resources
John Cone', Principal Catalyst, The Eleventh Hour Group - The Eleventh Hour Group
Frank Nguyen, Executive Director, Learning - Genentech
Michelle Braden, VP Global Talent Development - WEX

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Consultant, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion/Belonging, Global Perspectives
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