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DEI Coaching 101: A Playbook for Inclusive Leadership

May 21, 2023
Leadership and Management Development
The Golden State Warriors, NC State women's basketball, and University of Georgia football are all championship-winning teams led by strong coaches who value their players. But the value of a good coach is not exclusive to sports. Learn how to coach your leaders to embrace inclusion to keep their teams engaged and focused on winning!
Mychal Patterson, Learning and Development Executive - Blue Ocean Brain

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Application on the Job 1

Discover why inclusive leadership should be a priority (and what happens to a company's people and outcomes when it's not).

Application on the Job 2

Explore the roles vulnerability and curiosity play in inclusive leadership and learn how to develop them in your leaders.

Application on the Job 3

Learn how to be a coach in your own organization by modeling inclusive behaviors that inspire your leaders to join the team!

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All TD Professionals

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