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Discovering & Developing Your Dharma: Embracing the Now

May 23, 2023
Career Development
As you look for clarity or reassurance in your current role, seeking to define what’s next on the horizon, or trying to define your strengths and competencies, it’s helpful to hear about and share in the journeys of others. In this session, you’ll hear from CPTD and editor and facilitator Greg Rider about his journey to build his career, connect with networking, volunteering, and professional development opportunities at ATD and elsewhere, and find his authentic self. Greg’s journey, along with some of its enlightening moments, reflects the concept of dharma, as described in Think Like a Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day, by ATD22 keynote speaker Jay Shetty. Dharma = Passion+Expertise+Usefulness. Discover how you can embrace dharma through this workshop, which will provide an amalgam of experiences, resources, learnings, readings, and lessons. Each participant will find clarity, connection, and vision about who and where they are now, so they can move forward with joy and conviction.
Greg Rider

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Career Center
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