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Expert Learning: Fire Up Your People for Organizational Success

May 24, 2023
Learning Sciences
Meaningful learning requires individual connection to the why, what, and how of learning. Using universal design for learning, a research-based framework, we will identify common barriers to performance improvement and learn a quick method to begin improving our existing learning efforts immediately.
James McKenna, Consultant/Author/Speaker - McKenna Learning

Application on the Job 1

Identify what's getting in the way of your learners' connection to the why, what, or how of learning.

Application on the Job 2

Refine current learning efforts using an iterative, incremental method—the plus one approach.

Application on the Job 3

Expand your lens beyond formal learning to identify barriers to engagement, creativity, and innovation.

Target Audience

All TD Professionals

Learning Approaches


Session Type

New ATD Speaker
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