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Fostering a Culture of High Performance and Mutual Goal Achievement

May 24, 2023
Leadership and Management Development
The old notion of “holding people accountable” is flawed and creates added workload, pressure, and stress for managers and individuals. This session will combine the latest research around goal setting, positive psychology, and strengths to foster a culture of high performance and mutual goal achievement in which people are more productive and happier.
Kim Seeling Smith, CEO and Founder - Ignite Global

Application on the Job 1

Apply a specific framework for setting positive performance goals (or target rich objectives).

Application on the Job 2

Use a proven, stress-free process to help individual team members develop a personal vision and professional goals.

Application on the Job 3

Create a high-performance culture where managers and individuals work together to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

Target Audience

All TD Professionals

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Education Session

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Global Perspectives
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