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Friendly Skepticism: Protect Your Learners From Pseudoscience (Without Losing Friends)

May 24, 2023
Learning Sciences
When designing learning experiences, we often receive requests to include a story or a fact that's pseudoscientific or false. We want a learning culture of integrity, but we don't want to sour our business relationships when disproving pseudoscience. Join this session to learn practices to debunk pseudoscience without antagonizing co-workers.
Abigail Cooke, Owner and Lead Learning Designer - Lizard Brain Learning

Application on the Job 1

Address and debunk pseudoscience topics with subject matter experts in a diplomatic manner.

Application on the Job 2

Recognize the signs of pseudoscience when it's mentioned.

Application on the Job 3

Understand why some individuals will prefer pseudoscience even after it's disproven.

Target Audience

Instructional Designer

Learning Approaches

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New ATD Speaker
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