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Helping Your Boss Help You

May 23, 2023
When it comes to supporting your career development, is your manager good, bad, or indifferent? If you’ve been told to “own your development,” do you feel like that lets leadership off the hook for talent development responsibility? The reality is that we need engagement from both ends: you are the primary driver of your career development, but you also need support from your leaders. The good news is that you can help your manager help you! Jonathan Yeo has spent over two decades working with leaders on how to develop their teams, and with individuals on how to drive their career development. This workshop is the bridge between those two domains. You will learn how to connect your needs and desires for career development to your leader’s needs and desires to develop their people. You’ll come out of this session ready to collaborate positively with your leader (and mentors, peers, and other supporters) on your career development and journey.
Jonathan Yeo, Founder - The Potential Space

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