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Creating a Campus-Wide Coaching Culture Starts With How You Measure Performance

May 23, 2023
Higher Education
Performance evaluation can cause anxiety in even the most seasoned manager and their employees. Higher education institutions that aren’t paying attention to the people side of their work will be left behind. Using a case study from a university, we’ll discuss how performance evaluation looked in the past, how it can look today, and how it should look for future success. Join this session to learn about moving from performance evaluation to performance development, from time-clock management to coaching relationships, and ensuring that your performance program aligns to your institution’s people strategy and goals.
Angela Stopper, CLO and Director, People & Organization Development - UC Berkeley

Application on the Job 1

Solve the challenge of how performance will be measured, supported, and achieved on your campus.

Application on the Job 2

Build future-focused, creative solutions that enable your faculty and managers to support ongoing performance.

Application on the Job 3

Empower and develop your teams using coaching and continuous conversations.

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All TD Professionals

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Education Session
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