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The Leader’s Paradox: Leading Change and Building Resilience

May 23, 2023
Leadership and Management Development
As a leader, it may seem paradoxical to take on the role of both pathfinder and steward. This session will focus on enabling you to take your organization forward and create new value and growth in a way that builds resilience in employees—not “bouncing back” from change, but “springing forward” and staying engaged.
Tom Roth, Chief Operating Officer - Wilson Learning
David Yesford, Senior Vice President - Wilson Learning

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Application on the Job 1

Explore the importance of creating disruptive change to enable organizations to produce sustainable growth.

Application on the Job 2

Discuss how leaders can ensure employees have the resilience to implement recurring changes.

Application on the Job 3

Balance the pathfinder and steward leadership roles to lead change and increase employee resilience.

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All TD Professionals

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Exhibitor Solution Session
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