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Mastermind Magic: Maximizing Results Through Collaboration

May 20, 2023
Training Delivery & Facilitation
A mastermind group is designed to solve real-life business issues by maximizing the members’ collective expertise and skills. In this session, you will practice leveraging the mastermind framework to amplify the learning objectives of your in-person and virtual L&D offerings. Liven up your sessions with mastermind magic!
Nicole Edwards, CPTD, CEO & Founder - Edwards Authentic

Application on the Job 1

Connect mastermind strategies with learning objectives to maximize impact and add value to your content.

Application on the Job 2

Leverage different perspectives and expertise within the learning space to create solutions in real time.

Application on the Job 3

Implement mastermind strategies in planning for virtual learning sessions.

Target Audience

Internal Practitioner

Learning Approaches

Experiential Learning

Session Type

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