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Passion for the Platform

May 24, 2023
Training Delivery & Facilitation
Presenting with professionalism and passion is a requirement for today's leader. Whether speaking to a group of trainees, a leadership team, or a board of directors, your presence affects your impact on the audience. In this experiential session, you will build both competence and confidence as a presenter and make your speeches come alive.
This session will be audio recorded and synced to the session slides.
Gary Rifkin, Chief Learning Officer -

Application on the Job 1

Deliver audience-centered expertise following a powerful four-step process for tightening messages.

Application on the Job 2

Create dynamic openings and action-oriented closings that help learners focus on what's important.

Application on the Job 3

Design powerful activities and stories that anchor messages and techniques for optimal application.

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Learning Approaches

Experiential Learning

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Education Session

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First-Time ATD Attendee
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