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The Science of Storytelling (In-Person and Live Streamed)

May 22, 2023
Learning Sciences
Stories are effective tools for triggering emotions and empathy, which is why they are often part of a design strategy. Why do stories influence behavior? In this session, you'll learn the reason why along with three recommendations for taking a science-supported approach to implementing stories into your courses.
This session will be video recorded.
Hadiya Nuriddin, Owner, Chief Learning Strategist - Duets Learning LLC

Application on the Job 1

Explain why stories are often used as a design strategy for courses.

Application on the Job 2

Implement three recommendations for applying a scientific approach to story design in your courses.

Application on the Job 3

Determine whether the stories used in your courses support your intent.

Target Audience

Instructional Designer

Learning Approaches

Core Topic

Session Type

Super Session

Learning Path(s)

First-Time ATD Attendee, New to L&D
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