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Have Serious Fun Using 6 Secret Ingredients With Organizational Impact!

May 23, 2023
Learning Sciences
Celemi, the originator of business simulations, has been creating serious fun for more than three decades. How do we do it? By incorporating our secret ingredients, including quality content, unique learning methodology, expertise, and attitude. To hear the rest, you’ll have to attend this session! We can’t wait to meet you!
Tore Bystrom, Vice President, Sales - Celemi
Libby Macomber, President - Celemi, Inc - Celemi

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Application on the Job 1

See how to use business simulations with topics like agility, corporate sustainability, and innovative leadership.

Application on the Job 2

Support strategy implementation and big picture understanding through business simulations.

Application on the Job 3

Inspire L&D professionals to get their sustainability agenda off the ground.

Target Audience

All TD Professionals

Learning Approaches

Experiential Learning

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Learning Stage Session
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