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Treat Healthcare Professionals With Adaptive Learning: A Medical Math Study

May 21, 2023
Medical math is a life-or-death skill for healthcare professionals. In this session, the speakers will discuss their research on the effectiveness and efficiency of adaptive online learning for high-stakes situations. Learn what their findings mean for you during this session full of practical takeaways.
Roy de Vries, Learning Innovator - aNewSpring
Ger Driesen, Learning Innovation Leader - aNewSpring

Application on the Job 1

Understand what kind of results can be achieved with adaptive learning.

Application on the Job 2

Pinpoint learning topics that will benefit the most from adaptive learning.

Application on the Job 3

Provide crucial input to create a business case for the use of adaptive learning in your work context.

Target Audience

All TD Professionals

Learning Approaches


Session Type

Education Session

Learning Path(s)

Global Perspectives, New to L&D
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