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Using Icebreakers and Energizers for Employee Retention and Engagement

May 21, 2023
Training Delivery & Facilitation
Is your organization vacillating between working in the office, remotely, and hybrid? Given this new world of work, we understand the importance of connecting with one another. In this session, you will master the art of icebreakers and energizers to cultivate meaningful and lasting connections that lead to improved engagement and retention.
Joni Goodman, Principal - JDGAdvisors

Application on the Job 1

Examine the importance of connection and its application to in-office, virtual, and hybrid workspace.

Application on the Job 2

Learn how to use icebreakers and energizers to cultivate connections that are practical and sustainable.

Application on the Job 3

Practice maintaining relationships in the new world of work.

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Experiential Learning

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New ATD Speaker

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