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Win Corporate Training Clients: 3 Insider Secrets to More Leads

May 21, 2023
Sales Enablement
Are you a self-employed corporate trainer, consultant, leadership coach, or owner of a small training business? Or are you a sales professionals selling training programs to organizations of all shapes and sizes? If the answer is yes, this session is for you! Join the speakers as they share three insider secrets for getting more leads, easier closes, bigger deals, and better client results.
Angelique Rewers, CEO & Founder - BoldHaus

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Application on the Job 1

Set yourself apart from the competition by changing how you show up at the buying table—not what you say in your marketing content.

Application on the Job 2

Turn your biggest sales frustrations into your biggest competitive advantages.

Application on the Job 3

Take control of the sales process from the start so your clients and opportunities get bigger, better, and higher paying.

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All TD Professionals

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Exhibitor Solution Session
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