ON-DEMAND: Coach Your Mentors to Create Development Breakthroughs

May 14, 2022
Internal Practitioner
Talent Strategy & Management
This session has been pre-recorded and will be offered on-demand.

Coach your mentors to acquire exceptional developmental skills that promote breakthroughs in self-awareness, perspectives, confidence levels, and performance in your mentees. During this session, the speaker will share tools and case studies. You’ll also participate in a discussion that will enhance your approach to the ongoing development of mentors.
Wendy Axelrod, Executive Coach, Mentor and Author - WendyAxelrodPhd.com

Application on the Job 1

Discover what is required from mentors to create true developmental breakthroughs.

Application on the Job 2

Apply an ongoing development approach to expand mentors' abilities, which can drive mentee breakthrough growth.

Application on the Job 3

Model the process that turns experiential learning and reflection into significant development.

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