Coaching and Learning and Data, Oh My! An Inside Look at CoachHub’s Talent Development Platform

May 16, 2022
All Talent Development Professionals
Talent Strategy & Management
This session will introduce L&D professionals to the concept of digital coaching, the key differentiators of the CoachHub platform, and CoachHub’s vision for the coaching space. Discover how CoachHub’s leading global talent development platform transforms people and organizations with digital coaching.

Sponsored By:
Jeff Putnam, Senior Solutions Architect, North America - CoachHub

Application on the Job 1

Learn how to modernize your L&D portfolio to drive business results with digital coaching.

Application on the Job 2

Explore a platform that fosters leadership development for the new ways of work.

Application on the Job 3

Differentiate the value of CoachHub's platform over other digital coaching providers.

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Demo Session