Cohort-Based Learning Answers the Challenge: Capability Building at Scale

May 16, 2022
Decision Maker
Future Readiness
Learning should be the single source of truth for an organization’s capability. But how do you build deep capabilities and achieve rapid alignment across a remote workforce in a time of volatility and uncertainty? Join this session to explore these topics, demonstrate connected culture in action, and forge a path forward in the new normal.

Sponsored By:
Amanda DiFeterici, Solutions Consultant - NovoEd

Application on the Job 1

Develop organizational capabilities at scale and empower organizational agility from within

Application on the Job 2

Transform human capital into a competitive advantage and deepen instincts across individuals, teams, and whole organizations.

Application on the Job 3

Onboard a remote workforce, build an inclusive leadership program, and upskill your sales team.

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Demo Session