Design Blended Solutions for Learning Transfer and Results

May 18, 2022
All Talent Development Professionals
Instructional Design
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Designing effective blended learning journeys can be challenging due to so many variables and possibilities. Through cases, videos, discussion, research, and action planning, you'll learn practical techniques to create programs that ensure knowledge is retained, skills are mastered, new behaviors get used on the job, and learning is transferred.
Ian Townley, Director - Next Practices
Jason Durkee, President - Idea Development

Application on the Job 1

Create blended learning journeys that drive behavior change and lead to on-the-job results.

Application on the Job 2

Design programs that enable learners to remember and use large quantities of knowledge on the job.

Application on the Job 3

Make programs that transfer learning into on-the-job performance.

Session Type

Education Session