Environmental Scanning for the Human Age: From Data to Disruption

May 16, 2022
All Talent Development Professionals
Future Readiness
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This session will be recorded and released on the virtual platform for full conference registrants and Virtual VIP pass holders on May 23, 2022.

Trends keep us connected to what is immediate but fail to help us see what is changing, emerging, and possible. Move beyond trend identification and toward futures intelligence—learn a structured and repeatable approach to holistic environmental scanning by uncovering value shifts and impacts.
Yvette Montero Salvatico, Co-Founder - The Futures School

Application on the Job 1

Develop the skills to identify and capitalize on emerging trends, weak signals, and counter trends.

Application on the Job 2

Discover how scanning broadens our thinking and gives us the ability to tear down barriers that prevent us from imagining new opportunities.

Application on the Job 3

Explain the concept of scanning from the outside in.

Session Type

Education Session