ON-DEMAND: Global Panel: Future-Proof Your Organization

May 14, 2022
Decision Maker
Future Readiness
This session has been pre-recorded and will be offered on-demand.

With the rapid transformation of the professional development landscape, L&D teams constantly shift their goals. How can L&D strategies withstand fast-changing, unpredictable circumstances? Do employees in remote or hybrid workplaces have the capacity to commit to L&D? Bringing together HR, talent, and business leaders, attendees of this panel will learn:
Abdulrahman Alsheail, Director-General of HR - Institute of Public Administration (IPA), Saudi Arabia
Kenneth Tan, Vice President, Head - Certis Corporate University, Singapore
Saul Carliner, Fellow; Professor - Institute for Performance and Learning (I4PL); Concordia University, Canada
Prathima A V, Senior Learning Partner - Novartis Learning Institute, India
David Cohen, Founder and Principal Consultant - DS Cohen and Associates, Canada

Application on the Job 1

The significance of reskilling and upskilling, which allow employees to perform their roles competitively.

Application on the Job 2

How to engage the Gen Z workforce and retain tomorrow's top talent.

Application on the Job 3

Ways to develop the skills businesses need today and future-proof for tomorrow.

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