Kick Up Your Virtual Training Presence

May 15, 2022
Training Delivery & Facilitation
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Recognize your natural facilitator presence when delivering training and discover what you can do to create desired impact in the room. (In this session, we’ll focus on the virtual classroom but the content is also applicable in the face-to-fa ce context.) Explore the two key dials of facilitator presence called prominence and gravitas and flex your presence according to different situations.
Melanie Martinelli, Director & Co-Founder - The Learning Gym

Application on the Job 1

Recognize your own levels of prominence and gravitas in a virtual setting.

Application on the Job 2

Discover the right combination of prominence and gravitas for different virtual training–related situations.

Application on the Job 3

Get practical ideas for how to control your levels of prominence and gravitas.

Session Type

Education Session