Languages of Career Development

May 17, 2022
All Talent Development Professionals
We’ve all heard of the 5 Love Languages … right? But how many career development languages do you know? If you’re like many, it’s just one: Promotions!

But in most organizations, the time-honored tradition of defining career development in terms of promotions, moves, and/or title changes is dying or altogether dead. Yet, we continue to measure success against that artificial (and elusive) yardstick.

Promotions are actually just one of the “languages” of career development. During this session, you’ll be introduced to the other seven, which are always available and within you and your manager’s control. You’ll take a self-assessment to determine which are most interesting to you, and you’ll identify strategies to keep growing and thriving in meaningful ways right where you are.

Based upon the 2022 ATD Press book Promotions Are SO Yesterday, by Julie Winkle Giulioni.
Julie Winkle Giulioni, Author/Speaker/Instructional Designer - Promotions Are So Yesterday

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