Make Talent Development the Driver of Positive Disruption in Your Organization

May 15, 2022
Decision Maker
Leadership Development
Are you weary of being told what new organizational change to implement or which upcoming disruption will affect how you train and develop your people? Learn how to move from taking orders to leading transformation. This session will teach you how to shift into the driver’s seat by creating a safe space for positive disruption, establish incentives for people to think differently and take risks, and build the network necessary for innovation to thrive.
John Cone', Principal - The Eleventh Hour Group
Kathryn Coleman, SVP, Talent Learning and Insights - 3M
Suzanne Frawley, Director, Talent Management - Plains All American Pipeline, L.P.
Jim Woolsey, President - DAU

Application on the Job 1

Understand what innovation means in your organization and lead the creation of networks.

Application on the Job 2

Create a safe environment for a diversity of ideas and build the skills for innovation.

Application on the Job 3

Develop processes, tools, and venues for innovation and lead by example.

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