Measure, Prove, and Improve the Value of DEI Programs

May 17, 2022
Decision Maker
Evaluating Impact
Curated Learning Paths Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging
Does the $8 billion annual investment in DEI training payoff? In this session, industry leaders will attempt to answer this question while exploring recent research and best practices on measuring DEI programs. Through discussions and activities, you will walk away with an action plan to help measure, prove, and improve your DEI programs.
Zoe Moore, Hospitality Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Strategist & Consultant - Moore Consulting Agency LLC Dba Grow with Zomo
Patti Phillips, CEO - ROI Institute, Inc.
Erika White, Owner and Principal Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant - Griffin White Consulting, LLC

Application on the Job 1

Use evaluation data to prove and improve the value of DEI investments.

Application on the Job 2

Measure the success of your DEI programs.

Application on the Job 3

Ask key questions to align DEI programs with organizational needs.

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