Building Better Ideas: The Value of Constructive Debate

May 15, 2022
All Talent Development Professionals
Leadership Development
This session will be recorded and released on the virtual platform for full conference registrants and Virtual VIP pass holders on May 23, 2022.

Constructive debate is the exchange of ideas in a way that promotes innovation, quality decisions, and positive relationships. As a trusted advisor or change leader, you can promote a culture where constructive debate becomes the norm and conflict avoidance, political gamesmanship, suboptimal decision making, and groupthink are no longer tolerated.
B. Kim Barnes, Founder & CEO - Barnes & Conti Associates, Inc.

Application on the Job 1

Facilitate group and team collaboration in building better, more robust ideas that lead to value-creating innovations.

Application on the Job 2

Encourage open discussions and debates where real opinions are expressed.

Application on the Job 3

Lead a culture change that values creative controversy and discourages defensiveness, political expediency, and mediocrity.

Session Type

Education Session