ON-DEMAND: Ending Workplace Bullying and Aggression

May 14, 2022
All Talent Development Professionals
Curated Learning Paths Consultant
This session has been pre-recorded and will be offered on-demand.

Abrasive people overreact, they're controlling, they humiliate others - they're engaged in workplace bullying. These individuals get results, but they also crush psychological safety, which is the key to learning and growing. Luckily, they can change, and L&D professionals are in the unique position to help them do so. Learn why some people act this way and how to stop them.
Catherine Mattice, Founder & CEO - Civility Partners

Application on the Job 1

Discuss with leadership what drives people to engage in bullying or aggressive behavior at work.

Application on the Job 2

Use the three steps of intervention to engage in the difficult conversation of asking them to change and to help change their ways.

Application on the Job 3

Implement the survival dynamic (fight or flight) as a lens to understand and even empathize with abrasive people.

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