One Night Stands and Long-Term Commitments: Micro vs. Macro Learning

May 15, 2022
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Is your leadership development approach all one-off experiences unconnected to one another? Or are you too committed to one approach, ending up in a boring rut? You need a bit of both. Join this session and learn how to mix short bursts of microlearning with deep dives of macro learning to maximize the effectiveness of your learning development strategy.
Verity Creedy, Director, Frontline Leader Services, Product Management - DDI

Application on the Job 1

Learn the different ways microlearning and macro learning affect on-the-job skill development and application.

Application on the Job 2

Build learning journeys that leverage microlearning and macro learning for maximum effectiveness.

Application on the Job 3

Apply learning research to inform your leadership development strategy.

Session Type

New ATD Speaker