Overcoming Resistance to Digital Transformation: When Digital Learning is Actually Better than ILT

May 17, 2022
Decision Maker
Future Readiness
The past two years have taught us that digital transformation is no longer an option. Online learning is required to support newly remote workforces and to future-proof against the "next big disruption." Hear how a global medical device company was able to embrace digital transformation so that you can learn the blueprint of enhancing the learning experience for your customers.

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Stephanie Sullivan, Vice President, Corporate and Workforce Learning - LearningMate

Application on the Job 1

Examine the ways in which digital learning modalities can address learning needs better than instructor-led training.

Application on the Job 2

Discover how personalized learning is better enabled by digital solutions.

Application on the Job 3

Break down a sample ILT course into modular, reusable microlearnings that function as building blocks for customized learning.

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Solution Session