Transforming Learning Programs With Data and Analytics

May 18, 2022
All Talent Development Professionals
Evaluating Impact
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Now is the time to put data to work for your learners. Join this session for the latest insights on leveraging learning data effectively and efficiently for your organization. Learn how to use predictive modeling to identify learner personas and machine learning for the mass personalization of learning plans and programs.
Lina Forero, Management Specialist, SAP Sales Coaching - SAP
Miguel Castro, Data & Analytics Specialist - SAP

Application on the Job 1

Develop a process to leverage data and transform your learning programs with a targeted and personalized approach.

Application on the Job 2

Leverage learning technologies in a consistent and just-in-time approach for the learner.

Application on the Job 3

Implement machine learning to apply mass personalization to your enablement efforts.

Session Type

Education Session