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Kate Kressen

Kate Kressen

Senior Manager II, Walmart Academy–Immersive Content Development, Walmart
Kate Kressen is a senior manager II on the Associate Learning and Leadership team supporting immersive content development for Walmart Academies. In her current role, she focuses on conversational AI learning, gamification, and virtual reality (VR) content, as well as user support of CMS platforms and online solutions. The team is devoted to the design and development of training solutions for the Walmart Enterprise, including Walmart US, SAM’s Club and supply chain business areas, among others under the Walmart umbrella.
Kate joined Walmart in 2011. Prior to her work with the Academies, Kate held roles at Walmart US, Walmart International, and Sam’s Club supporting recruiting initiatives and internship programs and international labor relations, and rotational leadership programs in real estate, merchandising, finance, and supply chain.