About the Author
Derek Shirley

Derek Shirley is chief executive of Cornerstone Performance Solutions. In his early career, Derek worked as a clinical psychologist, earned a PhD in psychology, and reached senior management in a blue-chip bank. In 2000 Derek co-founded a learning consultancy, focusing on building the capability in the financial industry to execute on strategy by developing and shaping people's behaviour. This business is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and it has grown consistently over 17 years. The company currently services a range of international banks in 14 countries on the African continent. The backbone of the success of the business has been its learning methodology. Using his background as a therapist and his insight into behaviour change, Derek has been able to build a systematic, behavioural science-based approach to behaviour change through learning. The approach integrates several schools of psychology and has repeatedly been applied and demonstrated significant business impact under objective analysis. Derek is a regular guest at industry conferences.