International Attendance

Each year, the ATD International Conference and Exposition draws nearly 2,500 attendees from outside the United States - almost one quarter of the total attendance! Bringing together L&D professionals from around the world, the conference truly creates a global community that can come together to share ideas, learn new strategies, make new friends, and so much more.

Over 70 international delegations that attend the conference each year, allowing their delegates to attend and learn with peers who share similar backgrounds and experiences. International delegations take the experience to a new level, providing learning and networking opportunities before, during, and after the conference.

Please contact us at to learn more about the conference and the international delegations.

ATD 2019 Sharing Events
Many international delegations organize post-conference sharing events to bring home insights and expertise they gathered from attending ATD 2019. Whether you missed ATD 2019, or you attended and want to network more with TD peers in your region, view the list of post-conference events.

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