Preconference Learning

Starting May 13!

Jump-Start Your Learning With a Certificate Program or Workshop

Preconference learning opportunities offer a deep dive into new skills and knowledge before the conference officially kicks off. These highly interactive sessions will help you build expertise and help you develop the skills that you can immediately put to work in your organization. This is an excellent opportunity to engage in shared learning and networking with your peers in an intimate setting. Space is limited, so be sure to register early.

Choose the best preconference learning experience for you:

  • Certificate Programs are two- three- and four-day courses designed to provide you with the latest instructional strategies that promote application and organizational impact. Learners earn a certificate of completion at the end.
  • Workshops are one-day deep dives on trending topics in talent development and provide a unique opportunity to learn hands-on.

These programs are not included in the full conference registration and you must register separately. To purchase a preconference program and a conference registration, you will need to add both to your shopping cart during the registration checkout process. If you have already registered for ATD 2020 and would like to add a preconference program, please contact our professional development specialists by calling: 855-404-2783.

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Certificate Program

Provide even greater value to your clients and your organization after advancing your ability to have purposeful, powerful coaching conversations. The ATD Expert Coach Program provides multiple opportunities to practice leadership coaching.

Earning the ATD Master E-Learning Instructional Design designation prepares you to design and align learning to meet business objectives and makes you a valued partner to stakeholders.

The ATD Master Instructional Designer Program covers the entire process of analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of learning programs.

The ATD Master Performance Consultant Program is a unique assessment-based offering that provides the opportunity to evaluate, refine, and enhance your performance consulting skills.

Certificate Program

The ATD Master Trainer Program is a unique, assessment-based certificate that properly prepares you for what comes next.

Certificate Program

Receive hands-on experience designing and implementing instruction that adapts to individual learner needs in real time.

Certificate Program

Earning the Adobe Captivate Certificate enables you to create effective e-learning content including text captions, images, screen characters, quizzes, buttons, and hotspots.

Certificate Program

Whether you are brand-new to the program or have experience, this hands-on Storyline 360 training prepares you to hit the ground running.

In this certificate program based on ATD's ACCEL skills model, you'll focus on the five key competencies necessary for managerial success—accountability, collaboration, communication, engagement, and listening and assessing.

This strategic leadership program immerses you into a full simulation, integrating the leadership competencies talent development professionals need into a typical organizational challenge.

Certificate Progam

Learn to incorporate a mix of delivery methodologies to reach your learners at their moment of need.

Certificate Program

By earning an ATD Change Management Certificate you’ll gain the necessary tools to become a trusted resource ready to facilitate all stages of a change initiative in your organization.

Certificate Program

Earning your ATD Coaching Certificate improves your ability to help clients develop rapidly, produce better results, and improve others’ ability to set and achieve goals and take action.

Certificate Program

ATD’s Consulting Skills Certificate improves your ability to use effective behaviors and processes for internal learning consulting within your organization.

Equipped with the resources you need to drive maximum results, use data from your organization to apply what you learn immediately to your own leadership training.

Strong visuals increase training impact. Learn to use the full capability of PowerPoint design to create instructional materials that increase understanding, recollection, and adoption.

Based on examples from organizations that have implemented successful online learning, the course will share how successful instructional design for e-learning motivates learners to alter their behavior.

Develop a solid foundation in all aspects of measuring learning impact and evaluating learning and performance solutions.

Certificate Program

Earning this facilitation certificate will help you move beyond relying on fundamental facilitation techniques.

Learn how to leverage ATD’s practical human performance improvement (HPI) model to reach peak effectiveness.

Certificate Program

With instructional design training you’ll learn best practices for conducting a needs assessment, completing a job/task analysis, and designing and developing courses using exclusive ATD templates.

In this hands-on talent management program, you will uncover the practices essential to achieving an integrated talent management approach—no matter your organization’s size.

This three-day learning management program provides critical tools for developing the learning function (its people and programs). Discover how to have a meaningful impact on the overall strategy of your organization.

Apply ROI techniques to measure the impact of learning and performance solutions in order to gain senior leadership buy-in.

Certificate Program

In this highly practical course, you’ll get access to ATD’s MILE model for microlearning and leave ready to design and develop a practical and effective microlearning program.

Certificate Program

This hands-on, m-learning workshop explores the methodologies, technology, platforms, and devices required to design and develop effective learning solutions for multiscreen delivery.

Certificate Program

In this highly practical course, you will learn a systematic approach for conducting your own training needs assessment of individual and organizational performance that prompts requests for learning and development solutions.

In this program, you’ll learn everything you need to create effective onboarding programs that build engagement with your new hires even before they start on their first day.

In this workshop, you will learn to better manage critical management phases so you can deliver learning and performance solutions that meet your organization’s goals.

In this certificate course you will learn how to make a training video using consumer-level equipment that looks professional and reinforces learning.

Certificate Program

In this practical course, you will learn to apply the WCSCM to develop and deliver effective sales training program solutions to meet a dynamic sales organization’s ever-changing needs.

Scenario-based e-learning (SBeL)—also known as problem-based learning or whole task learning—is a highly interactive course design that puts the learner in the role of a problem solver responding to realistic workplace problems or situations

Certificate Program

Gain a practical, how-to overview of the entire training function in this best-in-class train-the-trainer program.

Discover how to use rhetorical writing techniques to articulate desired training outcomes when you earn this instructional design writing certificate. Learn through hands-on practice how to write to clarify, simplify, illuminate, and explain.

Browse Workshops

In this workshop, you'll learn how to select, define, and calculate the right measures for your organization using the Talent Development Reporting Principles (TDRP) framework.

Today's audiences require you to present with professionalism and passion. Your speeches will come alive when you build both competence and confidence.

Join this workshop to learn a methodical and efficient approach to story writing for learning.

L&D professionals say they're tired of being seen as 'old-school' or order-takers---always overworked or tasked with adopting trendy tech. Is this you?

Learning is a journey, and experience drives every choice we make. Discover how to craft a meaningful learner experience in this workshop.

SMEs bring depth of experience, credibility, and enterprise-wide perspective to the training room. They also bring risk because facilitation is outside their expertise.

In this workshop, the speaker, an internationally renowned neuro-psychologist, will explore 10 core principles to help you understand how the brain controls learning and memory.

This workshop centers on four core behaviors to help drive organizational culture change by breaking down silos and communication barriers.

Want to create interactive scenario-based e-learning adventures, but have no clue how to design them?